One25- The green light district

THE GREEN LIGHT DISTRICT is a short film conveying a vision for a safe and supportive community where women have the choice to leave sex work. As we navigate around the streets of Bristol, we hear Tanya's story in her own words.

She used to work the streets, but things look different for her now. She has more options and possibilities. She dreams of studying to become a counsellor to help children from abusive backgrounds like her own.

She is on a journey to find freedom.


The film-makers donated their time free of charge, enabling Bristol sex work charity, One25, to bring this vision to life.


Production: Instant Productions.

Director: Alvaro Ramirez.

Creative: Will Grave and One25.

DOP: Caleb Wissun-Bhide.

Camera Assistant: Andrew Muir.

Composer Nicole Dainton.


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